Get FREE Stylish Glasses (Prescription and Non-prescription)

When I started feeling that I needed a pair of glasses already, I was in denial. I did not want to wear glasses because I thought they would only make my face feel heavy and uncomfortable, and I was (even until now) too afraid to wear contact lenses. In the end, I just went for a pair of glasses and the first pair that I got was heavy, thick-framed and uncomfortable.

That was before I found out about, a global online optical store that sells a lot or very affordable yet very stylish and trendy eyewear. I was very excited when firmoo said that they would give me a free pair, my choice of style, and that I did not have to worry about shipping and the lens upgrades. It’s exactly what I needed at the moment!

Read until the end of the post because I’m gonna tell you how you’ll be able to get a free pair from firmoo as well with their current promo.

For try-on with makeup and review: LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE

I got the one in the style #S1420. The frame is really thin which I am not used to, but it does not give me the fear that it might break. It is very sturdy and strong, and you need not worry about its durability.

There are lots of styles to choose from on their website, from the thick ones, to the vintage-styled ones, and to the trendy styles of today — everything’s there! You also don’t have to worry because their regular prices are very affordable! But, if you do want to get your first pair of glasses from firmoo for free, just go to this link. You will get your pair of glasses for free! You just have to pay a little for the shipping fee and handling fee. If you also want to upgrade the lens, you can pay a few extra bucks. But overall, this is a very good deal already, right?

Your pair of glasses will also come with a pouch, a case that ensures the safety of your glasses, a mini-screwdriver that you can use to tighten the screw of your glasses, (We all need this, don’t we?) and extra nosepads. Firmoo indeed, values its customers! I aas quite amazed with the screwdriver and nosepads actually. Those are the two most important things for eyeglass wearers and it’s very thoughtful of them to include it as a freebie in every purchase.

Their customer service is great as well! All of your questions will be answered by their customer service representative and they’re quite fast in replying too! I’ve tested their CSR with different emails to make sure that they really reply fast, not just to me because they know that I am supposed to make a review about them, but really to all the customers who have inquiries about the product and the brand.

To summarize,

Styles: 10/10 (All the styles that you might need are on their website.)

Durability: 8/10 (Will update this from time to time since I only have it for almost about a month yet)

Customer Service: 10/10 (Proven and tested, disguised as different customers)

Packaging & Freebies: 10/10 (Huge point for its freebies!)

Overall: Excellent 9/10

What about you? Have you tried firmoo yet? If not, then it’s your chance to! Get your first pair for FREE! (Link somewhere in the middle of the post)


#4: “Honor your father and your mother”

Once upon a time, they made love and you were the product of it. She carried you for 9 long months and he worked hard to give you all that you needed to become what you are today.

Years ago, you couldn’t even bear to be away from them for a few minutes. You were so clingy. You were so sweet. You were so close. You said they were the ones that you loved the most. But whatever happened to the love that you claimed to have for them?

She came to you to check if you were okay, immediately after you said that you felt unwell, despite the fact that she herself was unwell too. She did not mind the business that she would be leaving, and the miles that she would be travelling. She was just worried about you, the sweet little angel that she used to have. How ungrateful of you to talk back when she was only calmly advising. How could you act like you’re being treated badly, when she was only upset because you wouldn’t hang out with her, when you only see each other a very few times in a semester? How could you talk behind her back, spreading nasty rumors about her being so mean to you, while making yourself look like the innocent good girl?

You wouldn’t answer her texts and calls, and you still had the guts to rudely ask for money when you needed it. They wanted to come and see you, but you reacted unpleasantly and resisted because you didn’t want to see them. Did you already forget that you used to become all excited when they called to pay you a visit? Did you already forget that you used to stay in their room and become all teary-eyed whenever it’s already time for them to leave?

You changed. The sweet little angel that they used to have, suddenly turned into an evil monster. But because she is your mother, she couldn’t stand a day of not talking to you. She tried to reach you again through me, and through your other friends, but you totally closed your doors for her, because of a very shallow reason. Believe me when I tell you it’s shallow, because I’ve been into big fights with my mom, but still got back together after a day, because I truly believed that those who disrespect the elderlies will be punished with bad karma.

No matter how hard you will be on them, they will still be the parents who will unconditionally love you. You’re a lady now, and maybe you’re trying to be independent, but at least be grateful for the things that they give you. Yes, you’re a lady now, so stop acting like a spoiled bratte.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“Stop comparing yourself to others.” That’s what people always say, but truth is no one could really live up to those words. Even those who keep on saying those.

You, I, we, and all of us live in a world of comparison, and we practice it everyday, consciously or not. In buying a shampoo, for instance, you compare one brand with another, because of course you want what’s best. We all want what’s best. In other words, we all want to be the best. But that cannot happen. That’s impossible.

I must admit, even I cannot stop from comparing myself to others. When I see pretty selfies of people I know in real life with numerous likes on social networks, I would instantly ask myself “Why? Why am I not like that?” It is not that I want attention, but I want to look like that. Seriously, if you’ll see me, you won’t expect me to be a 17-yr old teen. You won’t even see me as a teen, but as a kid. That’s what my friends tell me. I’m not sure if they were exaggerating or if they literally meant what they said. But I am starting to feel a little conscious now.

When I see people younger than me who look better and more mature, I would ask myself again, “Why?”

When I read posts of people I know and realize that they can write way much better than me, I would ask myself “Why?”

I got no answer.

I asked a person very close to me, and here’s what he said: What I possess might not be available in the other person, and what that person possesses might not be present in me. But after a few moments, I would ask myself the same questions again. “Why?” I still couldn’t find a perfect answer, you know why?

I think I know why. I just lack self confidence. I may act confident and not a bit nervous in front of a huge crowd when delivering speeches and such, and I may act confident and naturally when talking to an authority or superior, but truth is, even an average person like me could cause so much pain and empty my self esteem gauge. The criticisms I hear from them, whether joke or not, they hurt me. When they say things that do not directly mean hurtful, but could still mean so, they hurt me.

I am speaking in behalf of many others out there who feel the same way. Let us not allow our self esteem to run empty, and what I basically mean here is that do not allow criticisms to hurt you. They are supposed to help you, so make use of the help.

Do not judge out loud. Keep those judgements to yourself, because words have wings. Even if you don’t say them directly to a person, they would still know about it.

So if you feel inadequate, always remember, you are special.

Life Hits Hard

Sarah Kay, a poet, said in one of her Ted Talks on 2011: “This life will hit you hard in the face, wait for you to get back up just so it can kick you in the stomach.”

Yes, it’s true. Life hits hard, but it really won’t stop hitting you. It will never get tired of giving you obstacles. Once you’ve recovered from a recent mishap, it may or may not give you another one. Harsh it may seem, but that’s the reality of life.

Life is like a messy puzzle. You won’t understand what picture it tries to display at first, but as you go on and try to fix it, you will slowly get clues on what the picture actually means, and when you’ve already fixed it, and every piece is in its place, you will understand.

However, just like the puzzles we play with as kids, it can also be disheveled easily by small shakes. But no matter how messy it becomes again, the picture that you were able to assemble, the essence, the overall meaning, it will always be remembered, because you’ve gone through a lot just to fix that puzzle.

In relation to real life, our learnings, the achievements, the moments, they will all be in our hearts, whether bad or good ones. No matter how others try to mess us up, it won’t matter, because we know how to stand up on our own, and we can always fix a new puzzle.

Besides, puzzles are fun to play with!

Procrastination: Any Student’s Mortal Enemy (How to conquer procrastination)


Procrastination is the act of delaying the accomplishment of a task due to distractions or laziness. It is when you prefer to do the unimportant tasks for enjoyment instead of finishing the important ones first. Procrastination is very tempting and is so addictive. You won’t really remember when you started doing it, suddenly you’ll realize that you’re stuck and you won’t be able to move on with the job anymore, because you’re distracted. Then you’ll decide to finish them at the last minute. It has already been a routine and you can’t stop it. Well, actually, you can! You just think you can’t, and that’s what hinders you from moving on. Now what exactly should you do?

  1. Set your priorities. To be able to stop procrastinating, one must convince himself/herself that this certain thing need tobe done immediately before anything else. Make a list of things you need to accomplish, and sort them according to importance and level of difficulty. It would be better to start with the difficult ones, but make sure not to spend too much time on them. You might run out of time for the other stuff you have to do.
  2. Get rid of the temptations. If you get tempted to play video games, surf, watch television, text, and things that keep you from accomplishing your task, get rid of them by putting them away. It might also be helpful to ask someone else to put away the stuff that distract you.
  3. Learn to say no. When your friends ask you to hang-out with them or go shopping, immediately turn down the offer and tell them that you still have to do a lot of things. Try asking for their help to finish your work faster so you can hang-out with them.
  4. Do not stay in bed. The bed is a place for laziness. You might be tempted to fall asleep instead of finishing your work. Sit down! You can take short breaks for stretching, but be sure to return to work shortly.
  5. Dovetail only if you can. Avoid jumping from one task to another if there is no need to. This could only cause delays.
  6. Think of all the good things after accomplishing your tasks. Remind yourself that you can have all the time for enjoyment and relaxation right after you finish all the stuff you need to do.